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Tired of paying heavy rents every month ?? Why doing so when you can avail several benefits by paying rent with credit cards..

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Becoming an adult means paying of all your bills not just a rent ..

Year 2020 has strongly emphasised on the need for emergency fund. With a series of monthly payments such as Home Loan EMIs, Credit Card Bills, Housing Rent, Utility Bills, Tuition Fees of kids & Grocery Bills a salaried individual’s monthly outflows are almost fixed. During COVID Crisis when maximum people faced stalled income, it was difficult to manage cash flows for many of us.

Some of the benefits of paying rent through Credit Card are:

  • You get to enjoy 45-55 days of free credit period.
  • You earn all valueback & reward points for transactions from your card issuer.
  • Besides additional rewards & offers are also offered from the rentpay apps.
  • If you keep your wallet loaded with cash, you will enjoy additional interest earnings.
  • Consistent payments from Credit Card will build your credit score.
  • The good score will improve your credit worthiness and make you preapproved for new bank credit.
  • You can also get automated Rent Receipts. The digital transactions involve inbuilt TDS Payment Module, and thus ease online ITR filing and claiming tax benefits.

So Apply for your Credit card through RupeeFunda and get Delightful Rewards..


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